Meet your Reflexologist, Cecelia Neylon


Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Cecelia Neylon and my deepest passion, held over from my earliest childhood memory forward, has been in service and the provision of help to others. When, at the age of 4, I lost my mom to cancer, I recall standing at her gravesite, holding a beautiful rose, and thinking that one day, I would find a cure for cancer. While my long road into adulthood, motherhood and ultimately the world of alternative health has not yet afforded me the path to finding that cure, I have continued to seek ways to add value and care to the lives of those who cross my path. 

My journey to reflexology began in December of 2007, when I found myself at the bedside of my ailing father, powerless to make his transition past this life more peaceful, aside from staying at his side and holding his hand. The time spent with his hand in mine, however, brought me to thinking about the power of touch and how it soothes – as it had my newborn son, who came into this world with a fierce case of colic, which was successfully eased by a massage therapist specializing in infant massage. 

As if by fate, just a few years later, I had the great fortune to meet my eventual mentor, Karla Fernet, a reflexologist working in Rockford, Illinois. She opened my eyes to all the amazing applications of reflexology and guided me into my professional education in the Ingham Method – which I studied at the International Institute of Reflexology under Randy Johnson. There I explored and discovered that reflexology is a powerful tool which can be employed as part of an overall wellness program seeking to help in coping with stress, inflammation, toxins and poor circulation, just to name a few. 

As so many of the important and meaningful people in my life who had gone before her, Karla passed in 2012, and her passing pushed me to work even more diligently to now seek to fill the great gap in alternative care her passing left in the Rockford community, which I have called home since 1990. In 2014, I completed my coursework, became a Certified Reflexologist, and in 2015, I launched Heart & Sole Reflexology – my gift of caring for the people of my community and beyond as a means to improve the lives of as many individuals who would choose to seek me out. 

In addition to loving my work, I also enjoy a rich cup of hot chocolate, reading great mysteries, volunteering my time in any capacity to the benefit of others, and hiking and taking in the wonder of places like Starved Rock and the Mississippi Palisades. 

What is Reflexology?

  Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all the glands organs and parts of the body.  Reflexology is a unique method of using thumb and fingers on these reflex areas.Benefits include: 

  • It relieves stress and tension.   
  • It improves nerve & blood supply, and promotes the unblocking of nerves impulses.   
  • Helps nature to normalize (homeostsasis).    
  • It offers internal relief with external help
  • Internal Relief with External Help 


 Cecelia knows what she is doing! I have had many visits to Heart & Sole Reflexology and it has helped me in many ways! My husband  went  for a treatment when his carpal tunnel was acting up. He was waking every night with pain. One treatment and he was like a new man! I would highly recommend you make an appointment! Reflexology isn't JUST for a treat...there are so many physical benefits! L. Kriesse

 Having a full time career in the service industry, I’m constantly on my feet-I’ve made appointments every 3 weeks and I can tell you how much they’ve made a huge difference! It’s such a relaxing, therapeutic and meditative experience for me-I cannot get enough! I’m just mad that I didn’t find you earlier! J.  Clinkenbeard

 Love going to Cecelia!!! She really takes her time getting to know you and I always leave so relaxed and feeling better than ever!!! If you even thought about reflexology for your health, this is the place to go! E. Saavedra

 Just had my first session with Cecelia and feel much better. Actually I want to close my eyes and sleep but that's a good thing to be so relaxed.  Thank you for your expertise and also showing me the homework exercise to help my neck. I will definitely be back.
Greg M 

 Great experience!!! She takes the time to get to know you and your health issues!! I left my appointment feeling relaxed and energized!! Will be a long term client!!! Kim Halper

 I have severe diabetes, and I have trouble feeling my feet, with the sessions that I have had with Cec I can now feel what I am walking on, I personally believe that I can still walk because of these reflexology sessions.  I highly recommend her. T. Bleomke



I am a Reflexologist, not a Doctor. I cannot prescribe, diagnose, or treat for a specific condition.  Reflexology relieves tension which in turn helps to improve nerve and blood supply and to normalize the  body.