Services To Choose From

Basic Package 1 hour $60 or 1/2 hour $40

Customize and enjoy either a one hour or 1/2 hour Reflexology session on hands, feet and/or  face.
One of my clients said that she didn't know whether to get up and run around the room or lay down and go to sleep. She felt that good. Reflexology in Rockford

Paraffin hand dip session 1/2 Hour $40

Paraffin wax is a common heat therapy treatment for people  with arthritis , fibromyalia, and sprains. It increases the skin  elasticity allowing more movement and mobility . It also improves joint pain  and stiffness, and an added plus is that it softens ski

10 Minute Session $15

In a hurry? Come on in for a quick 10 minute foot session.  Perfect to help relax or to re-invigorate your body for the day. 


Your visit will be taylored to your personal needs

Hot Stone Reflexology

We offer hot stone reflexology which is  more of a gentle and penetrating heat modality. This would be good for anyone who would benefit from heat applied to the hands and feet in a gentle reflexology session.

Kelly Lott Migraine Miracle

The Kelly Lott Migraine Miracle ®   consists of cold stones applied to areas that may benefit from them. Cold stones are great for migraines and sinus discomfort. The temperature of the stones helps aid in  relief of swollen blood vessels which cause pain and uncomfortableness.

Dr. Chi Mineral Infrared Therapy Light


The lamp is non - invasive. It uses a blend of 33 minerals found in the body.

Benefits of the Dr. Chi Mineral Infrared Light include:
~relief of muscular aches and pains
~improvement of the nerve system
~alleviation of inflammation and edema
~promotion of healing effects on the internal organs and bone    fractures
~increase in blood vessel tension and blood circulation

In 1988 the MIT was registered by the FDA as a class II device in the USA.

Loyalty Card and Punch Card


Refer a Friend, Get Rewards. When you refer someone to us, both you and they will receive half off of the regular price for  one visit.

Don't forget your punch card.  Visit us  four times and get half the regular price off the fifth visit.  Come and see us ten  times and get one visit free.